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Unbelievable Benefits of Dried Figs


Figs are said to be “The Fruit of Heaven”. Figs have lots of benefits especially for pregnant women, for children development both mind and body growth, it smartens the body, cure for constipation etc.

Figs are full of natural nutrients such as proteins, phosphorus, calcium and minerals which are very necessary for growth at every age. Figs are the great gift of God.

Benefits of using figs

Figs contain
Nutrients: Dietary Fiber 12%, Carbohydrates 6%

            Vitamins: B6 6%, Thiamin 4%
Minerals: Potassium 7%, Manganese 6%

Let tell some benefits of figs.

Weight management:

It helps to reduce weight but if it is consumed with the milk it helps to gain weight.

naturally loss you weight


It prevents the vision loss which is caused by the macular degeneration.

cure your eyesight naturally

Sexual health:

Helps to improve the sexual health.

improve sexual health


It reduces the chances of colon cancer

Cure cancer by using figs


It prevents constipation and eliminates diarrhea but the excess intake of figs may become the cause of diarrhea

figs for digestion cure

Bones Stringiness:

It avoids urinary calcium loss and strengthens the bones

figs effect on bones


As I told you it rich in natural nutrients i.e potassium which regulates sugar absorption in diabetics.

diabetes can be controled by figs


Figs are really good for the heart they prevent hypertension and help to prevent clogged arteries, lower the cholesterol and risk of coronary heart diseases.

Cure hear diseases

Immune system

It boosts the immune system which is very necessary for health. It improves the body’s ability to function properly and create new cells.

improve immune system by figs

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