Top Benefits of Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is one of the biggest need of human. Healthy eating means you should eat proper food at the proper time and in proper quantity. God has made each and every thing for us in a perfect way. Fruits and vegetables contain unbelievable benefits. PositiveViewZ is going to discuss some of them and gives you the advice to eat healthy food because once you lost health it never comes back to its previous condition.

  1. You will reduce your stress

According to the new study published in American Journal of Public Health has found that eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables can reduce your stress level and increase happiness as much as you unemployed and suddenly get a job.

Green vegetables are especially included in the list of these foods like Asparagus, Asparagus has mood enhancing nutrients. People who eat fresh fruits and green vegetables are more relaxed at tensed situations.  Make your routine to eat fresh fruits or their juices at least once in a day. Milk also play a role for the mood swing. Remember one thing stress is not a temporary thing it remains in your subconscious mind for years and years and affects your life secretly. We should work on our stress level whether we have a lot of problems in life or not.

  1. You will be more productive

If you are eating well then your mind will work well. Taste is a temporary thing if you eat something its taste remains just for 2-4 minutes in your mouth. So, compromise with your taste and eat well. Antioxidants in berries improve memory and reduce stress Neuroscientist James A. Joseph says that

“These antioxidants are the evil twins of brain aging.”


Eggs contain choline which is B vitamin they do not just increase the memory but also control the reaction time.


Salmon has the omega, proteins, iron, Vitamin B which enhance reasoning, focus and memory as well.


Coffee contains caffeine which enhances the memory. It’s also rich in antioxidants and amino acids.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate also contains antioxidants and the benefits of antioxidants are already described.


  1. Control weights

If your diet is unbalanced then you can not control your weight although you are doing a lot of exercises. Food plays a great role to control weight. Fresh fruits and vegetables help to control weight naturally especially boiled food. You should start your day with breakfast if you didn’t then your blood sugar would raise which would be one of the reasons of fat storage. So, if you are the thing that healthy breakfast is a reason of fatness than you are absolutely wrong.

  1. Improve Immune system

When you eat healthy food each and every organ of our body get energy even our immune system. If you have a strong army then no one dares to attack you the same role is played by our immune system. Adopt healthy eating habits. Don’t smoke, stop alcohol, eat well and take rest properly.

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