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Tips for Strong Relationship

How to Maintain Good Relationship?

How to Maintain a Good Relationship?

Tip#1: Never expect from your partner that he/she will change himself for you

Changing is the part of life but when it comes up on your partner this ideology becomes a little bit different because we sometimes want that the other person should live according to our style although they have their own this thing seems illogical to put decision forcefully on another one. Changes do happen but don’t bet on them. If you are already happy with that person, then any changes for the better will make the relationship stronger as well, someone says. “If the changes are for the worse, well, that’s a whole different can of worms, and your thoughts might then ‘change’ to an exit strategy.”

Tip#2: Never try to win with argue

Arguments create complexion in relationships. There rely two types of arguments one is on some topic that may be friendly or sometimes go to extreme by both if opposition and the other is doing something that he/she have done right or wrong or something you should not do especially between marriage couples, the difference between opinions is a natural thing everyone has right to has his own opinion but these arguments creates misunderstandings between both of them and to become dominant on another person this goes serious so avoid arguing to save relations and the best way to tackle is one of them should accept the defeat and let the matter go.

Tip#3: Never let the third person interfere between both of you

It’s common that when there exist some misunderstandings we take the matter away to the third person and let them resolve the matter somehow this behaviour affects your relationship very badly even if the third person would be your parent.

Tip#4: Always give importance of each other’s needs

Couple means a life partner for the long terrible life journey. You should consider your partner’s need first and then yours. With this hope that your partner will also give you importance upon himself, it would be a great and cute long-lasting relationship.

Tip#5: Accept your mistake except defending it

Sorry and Thank you are two very appreciable words because sometimes just by saying I’m sorry I accept the mistake was mine, saves the relationship.

Tip#6: Always talk to each other except talking with another’s

Communication is very necessary for a good relationship. If you do not prefer to talk to each other than people thought that you have a weak relationship. Not let anyone raise the question of your relationship.

Tip#7: The difference between opinions is natural. Respect other person’s opinion and never consider your words last

Respect is very necessary for every relationship. If you are not respecting other then don’t expect respect in return. This will destroy your relationship.

I want to share my favorite quote for the relationship.

Must every house be built on love? what about loyalty and appreciation

(Hazrat Umer R.A)






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