Tips for Healthy Eating

If you have everything in this world except health then you have nothing but if you have health but you are not so rich then you are the luckiest person in this world as “health is wealth”.
PositiveViewZ is going to tell you some tips to improve your healthy lifestyle.
Eat Fresh Vegetables and fruits
Vegetables and fruits are the greatest gifts of God to us. Natural nutrients and components are essential for healthy living. We should eat all kind of vegetables and fruits in the proper manner.
Let’s discuss some points
• Try to eat boiled vegetables. The benefits of boiled vegetables are they have high water content and essential nutrients that prevent the skin problems. Eat fruits in every morning.

• Eat your dinner 30 minutes earlier before going to bed. When someone is in sleep the stomach becomes also lazy, As we know stomach also crush our food into more smaller pieces and take the essential nutrients from the food but during sleep, it’s working become slower which creates slower digestion process which is against health.

napping after eating
• Don’t eat food before bath because the outer temperature suddenly changed when you go to the bath that would affect your digestion process.

things not to do after eating
• Chew your food properly because this chewing help to stomach to work less and properly take the essential components from food.

benefits of chewing food
• Try to eat not too cool or too hot food because both are dangerous for health.


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