Stephen R. Covey one of my favourite writers wrote in his book “THE SPEED OF TRUST, THE ONE THING THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING” about credibility that is being enhanced by increasing capabilities. He always shares his experiences in positive ways. According to him the three accelerators that make the greatest difference are the following:

1. Run with your strengths or with your purpose:

His idea is simply to identify strengths whether they are talents, skills, knowledge, attitude or style and then focusing on developing, engaging and leveraging which totally depends upon you.

Peter Drucker encourages leaders to “Feed Opportunities and Starve Problems” in the same way Stephen Covey perceive “Feed Strengths and Starve Weaknesses”. He does not mean to ignore weaknesses but to compensate weaknesses with others strengths that’s mean everyone should get the right seat according to his abilities.

Just find your strengths first and then work on them. According to Stephen “In my own life, I found I found great satisfaction in pursuing education and opportunities to work and contributes in the field in which I feel I have natural strengths. But I have also felt the sense of excitement and pleasure in responding to an inner voice that has urged me at that times into undeveloped territory, forcing me sometimes even uncomfortably to discover new strengths or to build new skills to face the task at hand”.

2. Keep Yourself Relevant:

Stephen is encouraging the power of learning in his book he said for years people have recognized the value of four years degree but to succeed today’s economy you really need forty years degree. Stephen knew the extraordinary person who for years get up early in the morning and read for two hours. His goal was to learn everything about the organizational behaviour, development, human behaviour, management, and leadership. And he did it. Each time he is given more responsibilities, he raised his competence to the level of his promotion.

Going back to the Dell/Rollins example, it would have been easy, even justifiable, for the Michael Dell and Kevin Rollin to ignore the feedback they have been given, After all, they were already eminently successful as leaders. But instead, they were driven to relentlessly improve. Not only did this result in their increasing their already high credibility, it enables them to increase trust and improves results.

“I am always learning and working at the margin of my ignorance”

Harvey Golub, Chairman of Campbell Soup Company

and Former CEO of American Express.


3. Know where you are going:

In recent conversation with the strategist and marketing expert Jack Trout,  I (Stephen) asked him what, in his view, was the key to leadership and I’ll never forget his simple and resounding response

“At the end of the day, people follow those who know where they are going”


“It is terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead and nobody was there”

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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