Signs of Love

1. Give and take in love

You give the connection wholeheartedly, with no want or anticipation of getting something back in return by the partner to justify your actions. Love can not be one sided therefore in love give and take is a most necessary requirement. Pure heart never feel while giving sacrifices for his or her love one and always remember what he or she took from his or her love one

2. Pure happiness

Just watching this particular man smile or laugh out loudly fills you with extreme happiness, even when you’re suffering or having a hard day. The laugh and smile of your partner would be an apple of your eye. It’s my personal experience, I was very ill but when I saw my love one happy with me I felt very happy and that was a second life for me too.

3. Pain and anger

You get horribly hurt when your lover upsets you, nevertheless their activities never anger you. You would feel pain in your heart and you would try to overcome his or her pain as soon as possible. You pray for him with depth of your heart.

4. The right effort

You go a long way and make an effort to enhance the connection, and play a conscious part in trying to satisfy your partner and allow them to feel special and loved.

5. You cannot ever hurt them

When you’re truly in love with someone, you cannot even imagine hurting them, mentally or physically. Payback is a powerful human instinct, but true love which makes you totally selfless. Sometimes this situation really hurt your ego but besides everything, you will sacrifice your ego happily. You have to apologize to your partner even mistake was not yours, it may hurt your ego horribly.

6. You keep your promises

At any time you make a claim to them, you follow your word even when this person won’t ever find out if you broke their claim. But at the exact same time, if you really love your own partner, you see them as a part of your own life. Whenever you think of your future, you cannot help, but see them by your side.

7. You share their burden

If they are dealing with a few issue, you are always willing to provide them a helping hand even though you’ve your very own difficulties to look into. As your love one may be your spouse is your life. You can not ignore his or her problems but you can ignore yours because in it your happiness is hidden.

8. Create the excitement

You can stay without creating excitement. We lose our general effort we once made our partner. Start doing them again. Surprising him or her with new and old things and bring the excitement back in your relationship.


“Strong relationships don’t just happen. You have to do the work for it. You have to continuously reshape it. A healthy relationship is an important component of our life.”

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