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Reasons Why Proper Sleep is Important

PositiveViewZ is describing the reasons why sleep is important. Proper sleeping habit is as necessary as the food for life is. Every living thing in this world needs sleep Science said plants also get in sleep at night their process of inhaling and exhaling slowed down at. Roots didn’t suck water and nutrients from earth at night as they are in sleeping position and with the sun rising their freshness can make you fresher, This is showing the importance of rest and sleep. We should understand the importance of rest and sleep because the deprivation of sleep has many disadvantages.

Proper Sleep

Yes ! proper sleep means you have to sleep 6-8 hours at night and 30-45 minutes nap at noon but it also includes

  1. You should eat dinner at least 30 minutes before going to bed because while sleeping your stomach also slows down it is working due to which your body can not take components of properly which is harmful to health
  2. Wear comfortable easy clothes or sleep naked. As your body demands 100% comfort while sleeping.
  3. Don’t take sleeping medicines, if you did not get sleep early than offer prayers, do meditation at night or read books meaning is try to make natural ways of getting sleep these are really good for bodily health as well as for brain.

Now We are going to discuss some important points of proper sleep.

Improve Memory

Sleep properly improves your memory. A neurological process called the consolidation sleep which means if you having right right sleeping habits then your short term memory would be converted into long term memory. Short term memory only can save anything for just 20-30 seconds. Proper sleep will improve the cognition which included the mental processes like gaining knowledge and, thinking, evaluation, reasoning, attention, language use, creativity, remembering, judging and problem-solving. To improve cognition you must have the proper time table of your sleep. Sleep at least at hours at night and 30-45 minutes siesta is necessary for brain cognition.


It is a universal truth that in this earth tensions and worries are more than joys and happiness But it’s not mean that always be a depressed person see the positive side of everything too. Psychologists say most of the people depressed over little worries and disappointed with life but in reality, they don’t actually have such big issues. Their thinking pattern makes them big, Psychologists found the main cause of this thing which is “deprivation of proper sleep”. Working people work till late night to improve their work but they lose calmness in their lives which cause depression. Due to depression, people get insomnia but it could be vice versa due to lack of sleep you can get depression, hastiness, and anxiety.

Health and Growth

As a child growth is totally dependent upon his or her sleep. Baby height is increased while sleeping. Besides of height health is also dependent upon proper sleep. While sleeping our each and every organ is taking rest and their working is also slowed down.  After six-eight hours our body needs to take rest via siesta and then night sleep. The Radiological Society of North America’s annual conference represented the new study that most of the chronic diseases like heart attack, diabetes, blood pressure etc. are caused by the deprivation of sleep.

People who have bad habits regarding their sleep get old early because you make yourself more tired and not give rest to your body which naturally it deserves.

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