Psychological Facts About Human Nature

Human beings are the most complicated animal in this world. As they have a different kind of nature even with each other too. Animals like a cat, dog etc all cats have same nature but human nature is always different person to person but some psychological facts describe the human nature after doing surveys.


1. People who spent more time on electronic gadgets have more anger, less tolerance, laziness and more Aggression.

There are two things about gadgets First, they produce rays which are harmful to human health and Second, laziness is produced because we didn’t use our physical strength while using them.    

2. 90% of people do exactly what they decided “Not to Do”.

A psychologist said “NOT” have more power of remembrance. When you promised yourself to not to do anything there are more chances that you will do that thing. He said the real way of making the promise to yourself is to try to make it positive. For example, if you are promising yourself that “for now I never lie” you should say “for now I always speak truth”. Remove the word “NOT”, “NEVER”, “NO” etc from your promises.

3. If you love someone you instantly look at her/his face while laughing unintentionally.

If you are in love with someone he/she is always present in your subconscious mind and if he/she is sitting in the same group of people where you are. You unintentionally look at him while laughing because you want that person only to laugh with you.

4. Criminal mind people are wiser but dangerous too.

If I found a criminal mind person I would make him my friend because he would be sharper than others. But that friend would be dangerous for me too So, be careful.

5. Our real personality is made by our subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is another world for us. It’s just like an automatic storing machine that stores/saves too many things without notifying us. Especially our prompt response or reaction to any situation are totally depended upon our subconscious mind. It’s just like if you had a tragedy in early childhood and even you didn’t remember it, it would be saved in your mind and have effects on your personality too. That why the tragedies which are not remembered are more dangerous because you can never found the real reason for your reaction but the psychologist can.

6. 98% People’s attractiveness and beauty are decided by others.

If you are wearing a brand new shirt and met with your friend who may be jalouse with you but if he said that what is wearing bro?! Your whole day will pass by thinking that sentence although you know that you are looking great.

7. 90% of humiliated people do the same with other if they get the chance.

It’s a Psychological prove that if someone faced humiliation especially in childhood he would do exactly with other children if he got the chance. But 10% of such people do the opposite. It’s just like if a child is working in a workshop and his boss always beat him than there are 90% chances that when he has his own workshop he will beat the children.   

8. The biggest motivational sentence is  “Only you can do it”.

If you assigned some important task to your employee make him feel that he is very important for you and only he can do this because this feeling will increase it motivational level.

9. Relaxed people can work 90% better than worried people.

The people who are more tolerant and have patience although they also have problems in their lives beside them they relaxed because they know because of worries no problem would be solved, therefore, they are more productive.

10. People who live in past are less creative and less passionate weather the past is beautiful or not.

The Past is the times which cannot be modified or changed. So, if you are living in your past whether it beautiful or not then you cannot do something better today.

11. Don’t prove yourself right in front of elder because they wouldn’t accept it.

It’s a human nature that if elder cannot accept the new concepts of the younger person. So, don’t waste your time to force them upon your rules because it’s useless.

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