Positive Thinking Exercises are as necessary as other exercises as body and spirit both are necessary for life. If you think positive you would be the successful person as this secret is also revealed by the most successful persons like James Arthur Ray, The Philosopher and Esther Hicks, The Teachings of Abraham. Positive thinking exercises also enhance your positive aura which improves your personality and make you an effective proactive person.

1. Mirror Technique

Mirror Technique is one of the best things to tell yourself who are you? So, please tell yourself that you are a unique person in this world who can do anything. Every time when I realised that I’ve lost everything, I’m such a loser, I can’t handle my life due to my own mistakes. I go to the mirror and see myself in this disappointment but try to tell to myself while watching my own reflection in the mirror that I can do and I’ll, I’ve more opportunities and I will face every hurdle. Believe me, it helps a lot to become a passionate person.

2. Relaxation

Shut your Eyes and stretch your arms and relax for a while. Relaxation is the solution to almost every problem. Seriously, This is my experience of life. When you relax in front of any problem, The solutions came out of it automatically. It’s just like if you are stronger then your enemy he afraid from you. So, Relaxation is one of the most important ways of positive thinking.

3. Gratitude

Feel what you already have and be thankful to God for all those things. If your God gave you all those things on which you are satisfied He assuredly will give you more.

4. Believe

Believe in yourself and in your Lord/God. Just feel he created the whole world just for you.

5. Meditate/Pray

Pray is a sign of Hope So, never lose hope and don’t stop praying. Meditation gives you an extreme level of relaxation which is also considered a pray in some religion. So, do yoga exercises for positive thinking.

6. Honest to yourself

Be honest with yourself. Always speak truth to yourself. It simply means if you decided to do a specific work in specific time just do it. Be a boss of yourself so that no one would be your boss.

7. Skip words like “NOT”, “NO”, “CAN NOT”, “IMPOSSIBLE” from phrases

This point is very important. Try to speak positive sentences or make the negative sentence a positive one. just like if you want to say “don’t lie” So, except this, you should say “Speak truth”.

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