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Muniba Mazari the Most inspirational lady of Pakistan

Muniba Mazari is known as the best iron lady and true Face of the Pakistan. She is 28 years old. She is the role model and inspiration for all our the world. She taught us the limitation are just in our minds and in this world nothing is impossible and nothing can stop us from achieving the goals.

As we all know that she is paralyzed but she is paralyzed by legs, not by mind and hands. He had a car accident in 2007 which she spent 2 years in a hospital it was her worst time of the life.

Her Husband divorced her because of her disability. After that, she felt helpless. But Her brother supported her and motivate her to never lose hope and live for us and for your son Neal.

She started her painted again. And said everything in her paintings. The pain she felt, the motivation she got from doctors and her family. The love from her son. The care from her brother. The passion from Allah.

Now she is not just a painter, Her achievements are countless.

⦁ She is an amazing painter

Muniba Mazari as a Painter

Inspire with her painting

Beautiful painting of Muniba

⦁ She is a beautiful Model.

Muneeba Mazari, Beautiful face

⦁ She is a Motivational Speaker.

Top Pakistani Motivational speaker Muniba Mazari

⦁ She is a best social Activist.

Muniba as a Social worker

Muniba's pic with children

⦁ She is upcoming best Anchor person.

She is an amazing Singer.


After all this, She is also a UN Women Ambassador and She is Top 100 motivational women 2015. She is also a brand ambassador and a model of Tony & Guy. Her journey does not stop here, She has established her own Brand which is known as Munibas’ Canvas. In which she displays her amazing paintings. Her slogan of her brand is “Let your walls wear the Colors”.

“I can undoubtedly admit that I am caged by my body, but my mind is free, so is my spirit and soul. I can still dream big”, Muniba Mazari.

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