Main causes of obesity

Obesity also calls weight gain. A number of factors can play a role in obesity. Like in a person’s genetics, and environment. But obesity affects the body and increase the risk of heart diseases, lung diseases, and blood diseases.

Obesity is especially caused by eating too much and moving too little, like not doing any exercise or morning walk.

Top Causes of obesity is.



The energy level in food called calories. for a healthy life of men 2500 calories are needed and for women 2000 calories are required per day.

This sounds high, But if the person does work and exercise so it will not give any problem to the person but if the person eats more and more and do not do any physical activity so these calories store in the body of the person as fat.


Poor Diet

As a result of poor diet, obesity exists. Amount of poor diet like eating large amounts of processed or fast food, drinking too much alcohol, eating out a lot, eating larger portions than you need, drinking too many sugary drinks, but some unhealthy eating habits tend to run in families which are the main cause of poor diet.


Lack of physical activity

Lack of physical activity is another main cause of obesity, many people have jobs due to which they spend their whole day in sitting or they use their cars for traveling rather than walking. For relaxation, many people watch TV, play video games on mobile rather than any physical game. Which causes the high weight and makes the problem. So for reducing the risk of obesity exercise is much important than other things.



Some people have genetics problem, they do not eat too much but they face weight Because it runs in their genes. While there is some genetic condition which causes the obesity that is the reason why many people can not lose weight.  But for this, they need to do daily exercises and morning walk.

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