Tips to Letting Go Your Past and Pain

8/10 people have worst past, which is hard to forget and hard to accept in all over the world. Pain, which makes us weak and grabs us in dark and does not let us go. Have you ever think that not letting your past and pain, how much it can make you physically and mentally ill? How much it destroys your inner and external strength? And how much it can torture you? If not then think and if yes then start working on it. Try your best and do all the things which can grab you out from these things which makes you weak. Try your best and let go you past and-and think for your present and future.

Here PositiveViewZ brings few tips which will really help you in making your life great and will help you in controlling your pain.


Keep looking at the people who are living worst then you. And there is always a person who lived worse than you. If you have pain in your foot and you are keep complaining about it, look around, there would be the person who doesn’t have foots or he has foots but they are not working they are dead. Now, who’s pain big? Ask this question to yourself.   

Learn a new skill which gives you energy and will forget your past instead of doing that skill which invites your past. That lead you towards success and motivate you. Try to find your hidden passion. And do work on it.  

Engage in a physical activity. Do exercise which decreases stress hormones and increases endorphins in your body, they are chemicals that improve your state of mind and makes you feel better.

Do morning walk with bare foots on grounds.This exercise relieves stress and helps you to regenerate your senses again. Which makes you feel that once again you are joining this world with the fresh start.   

Spend your time with children (If you really enjoy it in normal routine). Doctors said stress hormones become weak when you see the activities of children or playing with them.

Give yourself a new chance. Try new things, try to talk with new people, try to hang out with your family and friends and when it makes you feel better then make it your routine. It will help in forgetting your past and will let go your pain.

Take responsibility. Taking responsibility will turn your focus on other things and will forget your pain and your past. Because of this you will forget your anger and will engage in new things. It will keep you busy and will give you more power towards new things. When you focus on your responsibility you will realize the inner happiness and the result of that you will feel better and want to more engage on these things.

Remind yourself. That there are only three options which can make you better, remove yourself from the situation which is making you weak, change it, or accept it. These acts will create happiness and you will accept the reality.  

Accept the reality. Whatever in a condition you are, accept the reality and accept that it has gone and it was your past and it has done now it can never come again if you don’t want. Accept that yes your past was terrible but also accept that God can change everything. And you can give your life a new meaning just by doing new things. Accept that pain is making you weak so let it go because you don’t want to be a person who is weak.




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