Health Problems Associated with Computer Use

Damage your eyesight:

It can damage your eyesight but there are so many precautions which can prevent you to lose your eyesight.

Make a 20-20-20 relaxation break:

Give yourself 20 seconds after every 20 minutes and see 20 feet far away from you. And see clearly what’s going on there. There are great ideas to achieve this goal because during work you may forget to do this
Take a pet like a cat or a puppy with you which divert your attention
your walls should have colourful sceneries or decoration pieces in your room or office should be attractive that may also divert your attention.


Remind yourself to blink after every 30 seconds because if you are doing something interesting you may forget it.
If you have to work for 8-9 hours a day you should take a break of 15 minutes after every 45
minutes it is really hard if you are office going therefore I have some tips for you just go to washroom wash your face, relax and take a long breath or just head down and close your eyes for 15 minutes and another situation can be created just look at the sky, if this is possible, and assume you are thinking so that your boss never going to upset or you can read a book or a paper which is 15-25 inches away from your eyes.


Wrong Posture:

The wrong posture is the reason for many diseases like sciatica pain. You should sit at the angle of 90 degrees without bending your neck. This is very difficult for the people who have to work or study for 8-9 hours per day but sometimes they don’t know they are giving themselves the worst gift of bad health. The spinal cord is started from neck to hips and it is the most important thing in our body. Your chair should be comfortable but didn’t force you to bend your back in a wrong posture.

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