Effects of Movies on Youth

National Institute of Health in the United States announced that a number of behavioural studies show that the behaviour of children is linked to television. This means that violence on TV or in Movies could influence the children’s behaviour and as well as change the personalities of our and can bring the aggression and violence in us through movies and TVs.
People are heavily exposed to Violence on TV can become desensitized to it compared to those people who are less attractive to TV.
Many social psychologists are concerned by the phenomenon known as “bystander apathy,” where people seem willing to stand by and watch while others are injured or killed, and the who are observing will do nothing to help the victim from being injured.

“Through TV and bad movies, a child or a person may see more violence and vulgarity in thirty minutes than the average adult experiences in a lifetime”
Psychiatrist Fredric Wertham said.


What we see through a screen is violence and vulgarity as an almost commonplace of daily life. It becomes the principle of our personality and the law of humanity. Killing seems as common, a gun more natural than an umbrella, we learn to take pride in force, violence, and vulgarity and to feel ashamed of sympathy, goodness. These movies we watch on our daily life encouraged us to forget that people have felt a treat them how we treat them in movies. They give us the message through movies that how to kill someone and how to remove the evidence, they tell us how to kidnap someone and how to rape of an innocent girl and then leave her with 100% damaged. These movies also tell us how to do sex in different ways but they never tell us how it will badly affect the girl who is facing all the violence in the name of love and sex. The movie “Fifty Shades” were quite popular among youth and they were trying to do like them and they did, in the result many girls faces problems. But who cares? These kinds of bad movies truly effect and damage our personality and they are making our personality like the puppet, how they say we act, how they say we answer. These movies and TV shows have totally changed our personality.
The studies show that, if you want to change someone’s behaviour or want to adopt them a new behaviour, just show them alive or televised model and a bad movie to them, you will see in an hour the change in their behaviour.
For example, A young man who does not know anything about violence or any harmless act, just show them a “Batman” movie you will notice the change in his behaviour and he will be on the side of the “Joker” who was playing the role of a Bad person. He will demand the mask of “Joker” and will wish to use it for joker act.
On another example, Show something vulgar to you boy, and you will see the difference in his behaviour, the way he is looking to girls, the way he is doing some acts, and much more. These are the basic signs of change in behaviour.
In high school, two boys were found to drinking alcohol in the classroom. The investigations showed that one of the boys watched a 30 minutes movie of how to make whiskey, on the basis of this exposure, he made his own whiskey which he brought to class and shared with his friend.

Some effects of watching bad movies

Ruin Your Health

Studies show that some people get real pleasure out of being scared by horror movies, but in a real way, they are risking their mental and physical health without knowing it.
When people watch an intense scene in a movie their heart rate and blood pressure increased, you will have also noticed this. This can lead to heart attack in people who are weak. This can make them scared and they can act like these things are happening to them.
Even it happens to every even when you watch a horror movie you get scared and in the result, you feel that something is behind you, you do not go out alone, even do not go to a bathroom, because you are scared. This can truly damage your personality.


Nowadays movies are making in the way which gives us looks the entertainment, like they show violence and we feel it entertainment, they show speedy cars which are highly dangerous but we take them in entertainment, they show vulgar science we take it as a pleasant entertainment. But to be honest they are all affecting our personality in the glimpse of an eye.
On other side children who are under 18 age, they love to watch fighting movies, and at the end, they tend to perform like them. Still, in our home my brother do this with children, they say them let’s try to fight and will see who is strong.


Parents should control the TV and watch Bad movies habits of their children and teenager. Which will turn out the big problem from them? Not just children, nowadays youth watch these movies and tend to act like them, we all have to think about it, because once our personality is destroyed we will be the only responsible for this damaged. it will not only destroy our lives but also will destroy the life of our surrender and it will take us in the horrifying result.

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