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Health Problems After Pregnancy

Pregnancy is considered the gift from God. Female wish to be pregnant and to be

a mother of a beautiful child. But these nine months of pregnancy are so difficult

which give the many problems to female. In pregnancy, female face a lot of

problems and also after pregnancy.

No one can not help in these difficult time. But when pregnancy over, female

rewarded with a living, breathing wonder. Here comes a new role of the person

but along with this problems arrived with a mother body. Body faces a lot of

changes in the weeks and months. in this period, the body of a mother heal,

rebuild and regain and its changes its size and shape.

So you have to know some expect it, in which you will be better prepared in the

future and to save your body from unacceptable changes after pregnancy.

Common problems

Some more serious than others and each with its own symptoms women may

experience a wide range of postnatal problems, Some of the more common

problems are,

  • Women face infection, including kidney, bladder, skin infection, or uterine.
  • Women face excessive bleeding after delivery.
  • Feel a lot of pain in the perineal area it is between the vagina and the rectum and it is so painful.
  • Vaginal discharge
  • Faces Breast problems, such as swollen of breasts, infection and clogged ducts etc.
  • Stretch marks which remain for whole life.
  • Hemorrhoids and constipation
  • Urinary or fecal incontinence
  • Hair loss which is hard to bear for women.
  • Faces postnatal depression
  • Difficulty regaining your pre-pregnancy figure.

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