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Difference Between Male and Female Brains

PositiveViewZ has a survey on the Difference Between Male and Female Brains which help in understanding some facts of our life. On the basis of our survey Male Brain Vs Female Brain Facts are given below.

Male Brain Vs Female Brain Facts

Why Women Speak More Than Men

It is proved scientifically that woman’s brain cells are more active while speaking then man’s brain. That is why the woman can speak more than man, the woman uses a greater number of words in a sentence while man speaks to the point and specific words. But you cannot say who is the best every gender has his own specialities and there is wisdom behind it which is given by nature.
Psychology says if the woman speaks less or like a man then our children speak their first word at the age of 6-7 years. God has fixed everything for us properly and there are lots of reasons behind everything. As children are more closed to their mother So, it’s the responsibility of a mother to look after him That’s why God gave this ability to women.

Creative and Critical Thinking

Women have the connection across the left and right hemisphere of the brain while the connection of men’s brain is usually between the front and back end which considered the logical part of the brain that’s why men are more successful in technical or critical thinking on the other hand females are more creative.

Facts about male and females

Women Need More Sleep Than Men

A scientific study shows women need more sleep than men. The reason behind it is the more complex of the brain. Women brain work harder because its many parts are being used simultaneously. The more active brain needs more rest So, women need more sleep than men. They need about 20-25 minutes more than men.
Women can work on more than one task at the same time on the other hand men cannot concentrate more than one task at a time.
Females collected information five times faster than man.


Wome have a larger limbic system, which controls emotions, that’s why the majority of the women have empathic thinking while men on the other side focused on the exact issue. Another effect of the larger limbic system is women are emotionally weak while men take more time to understand the emotions.

Girls brain develop earlier than boys brain

People always said girls mature earlier than boys but now the science told us the same thing co-author Sol Lim, a graduate student at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom told girls brain develop 10 years earlier than boys brain.

All the research is written on the basis of majorities. There is 8/10 ratio female and male brain which are exactly worked like this other 2/10 people may have opposite or combination of these qualities.

Keep in mind PostiveViewZ is not trying to tell you who is the best men or women both have their own specialities.

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