Childhood emotional abuse change behavior

 Child abuse is in many forms. Like It can be emotional, physical, sexual or a lack of love from parents and neglect the attention. And it can easily happen to any child in the house or in the orphanage, or in any place or online.

Abuse happens over a time. Due to any event and happens in the development of a child. As we know when someone is abused it really change their life and especially when a child is affected then it becomes hard to bring him back in the normal position. It changes the child life and changes their emotional level.

When a child is abused emotionally it is often seen as less serious than another kind of abuses and we neglect the child because it seems less important to us but it affects the child mentally and physically.

But as we said that its time period is longer than another form of abuses, it can have serious effects which are long term. It affects the child’s physical health, emotional, and social life and affects the development of the child’s grown.


There are many physical indicators that prove that a child is being emotionally abused.

1. Bed wetting which has no medical cause

Severe stress is the main reason of bed wetting which is also called “Enuresis”. Now the question behind the stress of the child, Psychology says that if you ravish a kingdom of a king or you ravish the favourite toy of a child, Both the child and the king have same stress level. Children have great affection with the things and as well as with the people, especially with parents. Parents behaviour is really mean for their children. If both are not happy with each other than it’s not necessary that you have to show it in front of your children.

2. Headaches, nausea, abdominal pains

We ignore these symptoms very easily but my question is that a child who is healthy doesn’t have any physical problem, why faced headaches, nausea, and abdominal pains etc…  A migraine in childhood may because of disturb sleeping habits, poor posture or emotional stress. But the last one (emotional stress) is more dangerous because most of the times parents are the cause of emotional abuse. And emotional abuse is one of those things which are being saved in our subconscious mind which are always with us unconsciously.

3. Vomiting or diarrhea

Extreme excitement and stress can cause vomiting. If your child has emotionally abused then he can not make balanced feelings while excitement or stress. If your child over excited at the things which are not very special or over stressed upon the things which would not be too serious then this shows he or she is running from emotional abuse.

4. Dressed differently from other children in the family like abnormally

Emotional abusement can leave last long confusion in your child’s mind. He or She would dressed differently from other children and this is only the sign of your children condition, he or she would always confuse in making life’s decisions. When you carry a child it like a clay you can mold it with your own style, So, It’s the advice of PositiveViewZ kindly mould them into a perfect shape.

5. Changed physical living conditions compared to other children in the family

The emotionally abused child always try to make himself or herself different from others. His mischiefs are non-understandable sometimes or his talk may be irrelevant to the topic. Remember we are not talking, he or she 100% do exactly what we are saying. A single phrase or a mischief can tell you the personality of your child may be the other activities would be normal.


There are some indicators in a child’s behavior that indicate emotional abuse.


  1. Symptoms of self-harming, suicide attempts, engaging in drug or alcohol abuse
  2. Symptoms of depression, anxiety, aggression
  3. Complaint of too neat and clean, too well mannered
  4. Suffers from developmental gaps
  5. Copy negative behavior, language used at home
  6. Attention seeking behaviors

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