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Banana Hair Mask

Benefits of Banana for Hair

God gave us the solution to almost every problem. Today I’m going to discuss hair damages and breakage remedies. Banana is full of natural oils, vitamins, carbohydrates and potassium which not just help to prevent splits ends and breakage but also help to soften the hair. Bananas create manageability, control of growth and shine.

Banana Hair Mask Recipe

Add very ripe banana and mash them add an appropriate amount of olive oil or coconut oil in it and mix it very well. Add honey and milk in it and blend very well.


1 banana
Two tablespoons olive oil or coconut oil
Two tablespoons honey
Hal cup of milk you can also use yoghurt
You can also add one tablespoon butter but it’s optional.

banana hair mask, banana and curd hair mask


Apply this paste on your hair from roots to end for 30 minutes.

banana for hair straightening, banana on hair

People use the banana for hair straightening, the banana mask for dry and dull hair.

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