Founder of PositiveViewZ was just thinking about the environment in which we all are living now and judged more disappointments, pain, health issues, relationship issues, child development issues or you may say unhappiness although in the ideal lifestyle they are taking very less ratio of the whole life, in reality, we faced them more. That’s why we are starting PositiveViewZ as the name is describing the purpose which is

  • Every sad event or happening in our life also have some positive side too.
  • Think positive, live positive and spread positivity.
  • For the positive life, you should have a health, healthy relationships, knowing how to handle things in their best way.

Our team consists of different people like content writers, photographers, photo editor, video maker etc. We are the group of very inspirational and motivational people with one most common thing, without which we can not run it, That is “Love for Humanity”. As we are writing articles which would change your life, your thinking pattern, your feelings about life and happiness that why we need the team of those people who love humanity. We are serving humanity with creativity as well as fun.
In the relatively recent past, we started our attempt to make the world a tiny bit better. When we glance back at the short however fantastic separation we’ve just navigated, even we are all around shocked. How did this become? It appears like we began just yesterday! Be that as it may, some of the time, when you’re getting a charge out of the ride, you don’t understand how quickly time flies.
We’re resolved to adhere to our picked course and never get diverted the way of banality. We’re not searching for a million likes, but rather a million snapshots of motivation for every one of our companions far and wide

In PositiveViewZ we discuss all the topics related to our healthy and happy lifestyle. Our major topic would be Psychology as many of our life’s problems are not actually big but we assume them or make them bigger. If your thinkings are peaceful your life would be peaceful because 90% of our life is depended upon our thinking pattern and rest of the 10% depending on others thinking pattern which just makes influences on us may be positive or negative. In psychology, child development would be a major topic. As 98 percent personality is developed in our childhood.

Our second priority is health issues. Good health is a most precious gift from God we should take care of it and for it, PositiveViewZ is trying the best effort. We love to cover the different health areas like children diseases before and after birth, women health issues and old people’s routine to make good health etc. We thought you should not take care of your health after if we get some disease, but we should have precautions to make a strong immune system which has great power to fight against diseases.
PositiveViewZ is making articles for strong relationships too because if you have not a successful relationship then how would you have a positive life? Now the real question is, What’s affection, you may inquire? For some, affection is numerous things. It is sentiment, children’s stories, sex, a skip in the heart, a complementing eye candy, or somebody to go through the night with. In any case, love is more than the majority of that. Love is a progression of incidents that progressions your life. You can helplessly watch as long as you can remember pass by, unfit to guide or rein it since you don’t control your life. Love does. For better or in negative ways. Amusing, would it say it isn’t, particularly when you believe you’re the person who picks the life you wish to live? In actuality, it’s your affection for an exceptional material ownership or an extraordinary somebody that denotes every one of your accomplishments in existence with minimal fluorescent bookmark post-its.

Our team is making articles with 100% clarity and proofs. Our content writers discuss the topics with psychologists and health specialists then write the articles which have worth in it. We assume it our responsibility to share the material which is authentic and pure.

Our way is one of obligation. We generally check to ensure our facts are straight; our sources are solid and respectable. All that we deliver is made with consideration and care. We just ever share with you the things which influenced us to laugh, motivated us or touched our hearts. All that we offer you is finished with sincerity — we couldn’t do it some other way.
The reality is, we can’t envision life without feeling excited each day. Without feelings. Without saying ”I nearly cried”, or ”It went straight to my heart”. Without portraying something as ”heart touching”, ”magnificent”, ”splendid”. Possibly this may destroy you at times, all things considered, simply figure what it would resemble on the off chance that you had no motivation to utilize these words any longer.

In the event that you united every one of our users, you’d have the number of inhabitants in a fair estimated nation. What’s more, we’d jump at the chance to figure it would be the most capable and hopeful nation on the planet.